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Camouflage Me

Too many times we fight our nature, we ignore who we are. It is okay to be yourself as long as you know that there will be times where you will have to wear camouflage. This doesn’t mean that you are less than a woman or man; it just means you know how to play the game. What is your Vizyon of yourself? What do you want the world to see? This process is simple as long as you think of it that way. It is not grey at all, it is Black and White. Stop living your life straddling the fence. If you want the world to see who you are 2 things must be done. One, you have to give yourself permission to forgive and move forward. Two you must fill in the blank, “Will the real _____________ please stand up?” That’s it! It’s very simple as long as you can commit to it. So change yourself if you are ready, feel free to grow and learn, love yourself and show the world your VIZYONS!

January 13, 2011

So I asked the question “What is your Vizyon for yourself?” I have had responses that have run the gamut from minor to extreme. However one response I received answers the question perfectly. I would like anyone who reads this to sit and think about it. Any of my program participants who see this I would like to see you give feedback in the comment box directly below. My purpose with this is to see where everyone’s mind is realistically. This is 2011 and the time for change is NOW! Let’s practice Urgency so that you can finally take Ownership of your life in the here and now.

“My Vizyon of myself I must say is, not much. I look at myself as someone who’s failed at everything except being a mom and I’m starting to ask myself if I’ve done a good job at that.”


 “When the world looks at me I want them to see a  very progressive and positive single parent who’s made it in life (maybe a little late, but better late than never.) I want them to see me as an independent woman with a nice car, terrific job, and all the beautiful things life has to offer for my children and myself.”

After I read this I asked the young woman how she planned to accomplish these things… Take a look at what she had to say…


“I hope to get my GED, go to school, get a job that I like and take it from there. I really don’t know where to go and start because I’ve been sitting at home taking care of my kids for so long that I haven’t really had an opportunity to do anything else. I know once I know where to go and what to do I’ll be ok because I’m very determined to get ahead in life.” 

My starting point is getting my GED that to me is very important right now along with taking job readiness classes to see what I can get out of that. I WANT TO ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING I WANT THIS TIME! I don’t like giving up.  I just wanted to be there for my children, but now I realize that it’s my time to do what I want to do. It’s time to do ME! 

So now what do you all think?


Comments on: "Camouflage Me" (11)

  1. That’s if you want to change yourself but, people like there walls at times and at times people can be thier own wall.

  2. Talesha D said:

    First of all, you already have the right attitude! So you are heading in the right direction. Also, you are not alone. I am a single mother of four and at first it was hard but as I got into my routine it got easier. You have to decide what it is you want for yourself, which you already have, and pick a starting point. I am sure you will be great! If no one has said it, I am already proud of you because I know what the struggle is and what it takes to overcome it. Do you!!!!! lol

  3. I understand pretty much where she is coming from I’m a single mother of two and I love being a mother but raising my boys has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do and why because I want my boys to have the best to have what I didn’t I have been sitting home for a while waiting for everything to come to me and I’ve come to realize that nothing is free and things just don’t come to me. The young woman that wrote the blog and I think very much alike. I want the same things. I want people to look at me and see more than a lady I want to be seen as a woman that’s willing to go for what she wants and for that woman to speak and think the way she does she will make it and have what it is she wants in life because she now knows what she wants. I say go for it because I know I am.

  4. There are a lot of turns in life; it’s your task to keep straight with out turning back. God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. But if that’s what you want to do go for it. It’s never too late and life is about taking chances. You see my problem is. How crazy it may sound I think to much on how I’m going to make everything happen instead of just going for it…….

  5. I can relate to both of theses passages these women have wrote… just as well as I understand more then anything… life does not give us a open book from start a to z to rely on.. We all have to learn and do for ourselves… and accomplish everything and anything we can… which I can say for some of us is easier then for others to do so… so however I do know the other side… and sometimes life becomes to much to even be able to hold a dream… and accomplish… basically giving up on yourself… but still hanging around because you have two (KIDS) … I want to achieve and be the best of all I can be … but me myself have lost my way.. And I’m trying to find it… but sometimes when your vision and mind is cloudy and turned upright, you can’t even begin to find yourself… I’m 24 years old and I had everything I could not have asked for any better… but as quick as I had life I had NOTHING…

    • The only way to uncloud all of the foggy “grey” in your mind is to add a lot of “white” or alot of “black” to it. In other words make concrete decisions and stand by them.

  6. Mostly everyone has dreams and goals that they would like to accomplish in their lifetime. Being a single mother is a hard demanding job. Not as easy as people may think it is. I am a mother of six and throughout my life with my children I stayed at home with them. I was stuck literally in the house all day everyday. No license, no GED or diploma, no nothing. I felt hopeless and lost faith plenty of times. I stop believing in myself completely as the years past by. I still have not accomplished my goals, my dreams. But one thing has changed about me. I am more determined to make it. I have motivation now. And I refuse to listen to the people in my life who constantly put me down. I know I am going to be successful. It is never to late to achieve your goals and dreams. Definitely do you. For your children and yourself. Don’t forget about yourself in the process of being a mother. Because your kids look up to you. By giving yourself motivation and determination. Then finally succeeding at your goals and dreams. Your teaching them to do the same. It toke me along time to learn that myself, but this time around I will make it. Not hope or wish I WILL succeed and I know you WILL too. Always remember you can make it. Regardless of what the situation may be or what people may think or what your accustom to. YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH all the goals and dreams you may have. I believe in you.

  7. luz ramirez said:

    i think all she wants to accomplish is possible. she just has to stay positive, keep an open mind and accept all that comes her way. not to feel discouraged when things dont go her way. she needs to keep her head up and keep in mind that no matter how long it takes it will be worth it at the end, and how better life will be for her and her children.

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