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 This week CACLV Work Ready presents the next chapter in the Self Empowerment Lecture Series.

 Ways to Work Family Loan Program, will be our featured speaker on Thursday, May 19, 2011.

The Ways to Work Family Loan Program helps working parents to get a low-interest loan to purchase a used car or repair an existing vehicle. We are a non-profit program through Family Answers, Inc. that provides affordable loans to low-income families who lack access to fairly priced loans from traditional lenders because they have poor credit or no credit history.


Earlier this month other power players have visited Work Ready to give words of wisdom and practical advice to help participants get back to the road of success.


Vanessa Chambers herself in her "heyday"

Vanessa Chambers  of Chamberlite Entertainment Inc. (based in Philladelphia,) visited the program on April 28, 2011, the first in a long line of lecturers, discussing with the participants how she was able to survive deplorable conditions to survive against all odds so that she might save herself and her family. She showed the group that if you stay with your convictions and decide when enough is enough, you can well be on your way to success. 

Program Director Dolores Singletary and Vanessa pose for the "paparazzi" at the conclusion of the lecture.

With all the great events happening in North andSouth Bethlehem, Work Ready is reaching out to its participants and the community in which it serves.  In the case of Ms. chambers Work Ready went even further past the ABE area and extended its arms to Philladephia. The goal at Work Ready is Income Improvement. Through the lecture series participants will learn all the necessary skills to get further along the road to success with “self-empowerment” being paramount to hitting the goal.

Participants and guests witnessed the transformation of empowerment as it floated amongst the words of Vanessa Chambers.

The participants who had the good fortune to be present as Ms. Chambers was speaking found the information both troubling yet informative. They heard so many interesting facts and stories that some found it necessary to take notes. One participant, Ashley Jackson even stated, “I have 4 pages of notes!”
On  Thursday 5/4/11, Alfonso Todd of Alfonso Todd & Associates was our our featured speaker for part two of our Self-Empowerment Seminar. Alfonso is known in the Lehigh Valley for creating new and exciting events and promotions benefiting the community.


Alfonso spoke of thinking outside the box. He encouraged all participants to take thier power back by standing up for what you belive in and creating your own opportunities for success.


Students listening to Alfonso and opening thier minds.

 Participants were asked to take notes ansd write papers expressing what important thoughts they got from Mr. Todd’s lecture.
“How you dress and representation is the key, don’t be worried about what people say just worried about yourself to go ahead in life…..knowledge is the key.”
” I hope to try to get some help from one of   our state senators. I’m not sure if I am going to start my own business or to find a Full/Part-Time Job for myself in the area. I hope to find a good job so that I can help pay the bills at home and also get the things our children will need for themselves.”
 “We need to stop depending on people and do things for ourselves for a change. I feel he was right because many people tend to depend on others to do things for them. One day that person is going to be gone and you won’t know what to do because you depended on them too much. “


Mr. Todd made a profound impact on the classroom and opened everyone’s eyes to possibilities. Income Improvement is propelled by Self-empowerment yes, but Todd made sure to convey the message that we are our own motivation to get there.  He invited the entire program to visit the event the city of Bethlehem asked him to promote for the Artswalk downtown on Broad Street. The Prolifick Place at the Downtown ArtsWalk will allow artists to express themselves through music, art, and fashion.


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